Preparation for anaesthesia

Planning the best anaesthetic for you

You will be asked some questions about your health before your operation.  This may involve  a questionnaire or a visit to the pre-assessment clinic.

If you are having major surgery, you will see a nurse in the pre-assessment clinic before your admission to hospital.  If necessary, a further appointment may be made for you with a consultant anaesthetist.  An additional charge may be made for this visit.

Your anaesthetist will visit you on the ward before your operation to talk about your anaesthetic care and to give you the opportunity to ask questions.

In particular, your anaesthetist will discuss which types of anaesthetic and pain relief techniques could be used. He or she will also discuss the risks and benefits and your preferences.

Nothing will happen to you until you understand and agree with what is planned for you.


Before an operation it is very important that you have nothing to eat for at least six hours.  You may drink as much still water as you like up until two hours before your admission time and we would encourage you to do so.  You should not drink anything other than water between two and six hours before admission.

Regular medicines

The hospital will give you clear instructions about which medicines you should take on the day of your operation and advice about stopping taking specific medicines.

For further information or to speak to us about your upcoming surgery please get in touch